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The “24 terms of the solar year” is the generic term given to a calendar that divides a year into 24 sections based on ancient people's observations of the sun's activities. By knowing the 24 terms of the solar year that organizes changes in climate caused by the sun such as temperature, humidity, and the number of daylight hours into a calendar, you can feel Japan's rich and varied four seasons in a more subtle, delicate manner. In addition to commentary on the 24 terms, this calendar also includes information such as eating habits during seasonal festivals and events, so you can incorporate these into your daily life while acquainting yourself to the 24 terms. Moreover, we added a thirteenth page consolidating commentary and the flow of the 24 terms throughout the year in the 2019 version, so you can know more about the 24 terms of the solar year in detail.

Designed by : Akiko Sekimoto

material | paper

size | w 37.4 × h 29.7 cm

Printed in Japan

Photo by : D-BROS / DRAFT Co.,Ltd.